1: Zephaniah was the son of King Hezekiah and the Cousin of Josiah, the young, righteous king. He ministered from 640-609 BC

2-6: God speaks of how he will destroy the world and judge Judah for their idolatry and rebellion against God.

7-18: God warns that the day of his judgement is near. He describes the wickedness of those who will face his judgement and how devastating that day will be. God's jealousy of our affection given to idols will cause him to destroy mankind and the entire earth. This chapter is often regarded as the most vivid picture of the day of the Lord in the Bible.


1-3: God calls Judah to repent so they might be hidden from God's wrath on the day of the Lord.

4-15: God then describes how he will destroy specific enemy nations of Judah to be laid in waste and inhabited by wild beasts.


1-8: Judah was a rebellious nation with corrupt leaders, priests, and prophets. Though God destroyed surrounding nations in judgement, Judah did not fear God and continued in their corrupt ways. God will one day judge all nations and the earth shall be consumed by his wrath.

9-13: Though God will destroy the nations there will be a faithful remnant and all the proud and haughty sinners will be weeded out.