1-3: Joel commanded that his words be passed down from generation to generation. 

4-7: A nation overtakes Judah and destroys the land. Some believe this is referring to the Babylonian captivity. 

8-20: There is famine in the land and even the beasts of the field cannot eat because fire has destroyed the grass and vineyards. They are called to repent, fast, and cry out to The Lord. 



1-11: This is a description of the day of The Lord, when armies attack.

12-17:  God calls His people to an inward, genuine repentance. Verses 12 and 13 are God's explanation of repentance.

18-27: God had pity on his people and restored abundantly what the invading army destroyed. 

28-29: God promised to pour out his Spirit in the last days. He fulfilled this prophecy at pentecost with the apostles, and even today the Holy Spirit dwells in those who receive Christ. 

30-32: This is a prophetic description of what will happen before the day of the Lord. Currently, all who call on the name of The Lord are saved through the blood of Jesus, which is a fulfillment of this prophecy. The signs in the sky have yet to be fulfilled.


1-16:  Upon His return, God will judge the nations in the valley of Jehoshaphat for their injustices to Judah.

17-21: God will prosper the land of Israel with everything they need and protect it from strangers.  The surrounding nations will become desolate.