"There are over 330 million invented gods. It's ridiculous to think yours just happens to be the right one."

God's existence is not contingent on the number of gods man has invented. To declare a proposition false by counting failed, similar ideas would be to commit the ad populum reversal fallacy. It's like saying, "Many cosmological theories have been false, therefore Stephen Hawking's theory is also false". Hawking's theory may or may not be false, but we can't determine that based on the number of similar, failed theories. To falsify a claim, you must examine the reasons and evidence offered rather than engage in head counts. 

People who find this argument convincing think that finding the true God is a lottery with odds over 330 million to one. However, it's much simpler than that. If you study Hinduism and find there are good reasons to reject it, you've already weeded out 330 Million gods. If you then study the concept of polytheism and find it to be false as well, you're only left with a handful of ancient monotheistic gods. Among these, there is only one God that stands up to strong philosophical, historical, and scientific scrutiny: The God of the Bible.

Another reason the "counting false gods" argument fails is because the high number of invented gods is exactly what you'd expect if what the Bible says is true. It records many instances of false gods and teaches that humans are idolatrous by nature and continually invent idols. The multitude false gods is consistent with the picture of reality found in the bible.